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Today’s Guest Host: Randy Singer

Posted by truthtalklive on April 12, 2007

Visit: www.randysinger.net

The War at Home and Abroad:

1. Should we shut down the Guantanamo Bay detention center and either try these detainees or release them?

2. Should we establish a timetable for withdrawal of American troops from Iraq?


14 Responses to “Today’s Guest Host: Randy Singer”

  1. Anonymous said

    Here is why I am ashamed of what my president has done:

    1. Preemptive war
    2. False and mis-leading news stories
    3. Staged events reported as news
    4. Torturing prisoners
    5. Firing Generals who disagree with him
    6. Imprisonment without charges
    7. Stifling dissent
    8. surrounded himself with yes men
    10. Apparently believes that he is above the law

    Bush shares these characteristics with which infamous mid twentieth century dictator?

    We’ve been had. Time to put and end to Bush’s “war on terror”.

  2. Brad said

    Move to Iraq – if the USA is so bad, you may like it better over there.

  3. Anonymous said

    Sure thing, pal. I love this country. I hate what Bush has made of it.

    Why don’t you move to Iraq?

    How can you call yourself a Christian and support the things this president has done?

    Preemptive war? Torturing people? I’l stand up against that every time.

  4. Brad said

    Name specifically what he has done that is un-Christian. But wait, first, since you’re concerned about acting in a Christian manner, be sure to examine your own life and make sure it is free of sin before you say anything, b/c “let he who is without sin cas the first stone”. Right?

    He leads the most powerful nation on Earth. He has led it through war, and done a great job. It’s pretty easy to play armchair quarterback from the cheap seats, but realize we don’t have all the information he has with which to make decisions.

    I personally think it’s shameful to bad-mouth the president in a time of war. It’s not like he doesn’t feel any pressure or anything. Bush hasn’t made this country anything that wasn’t already there. We’ve been going down the moral and spiritual drain for decades now.

  5. Anonymous said

    Brad, who thinks that torturing people is Christ like, wants me to move to another another country because I disagree with his political ideas. That is typical of his type.

    I have already mentioned some of the things that Bush has done that I think are shameful. You seem to be proud of them. ???

  6. Brad said

    Is it possible to put any more words in my mouth, other than what you’ve already done?

    ***Please point to your definitive evidence that Bush himself has tortured anyone.
    ***I don’t think, nor did I say, that you should move to another country b/c you disagree with me, but b/c you don’t seem happy with this country.
    ***Exactly what is “my type”, of which this discussion is apparently “typical”?
    ***I never said I’m proud of anything, I said I support the President, who has done a good job in tough circumstances.

    You didn’t seem to pay attention to much I said at all.

  7. Anonymous said

    Brad, who thinks it’s good to lock people up and torture them for years in secret prisons, thinks that I am not happy with this country.

    I love this country. I wouldn’t love the country that you and Bush want to create.

  8. joey t said

    Aren’t you guys getting a little redundant?

    Isn’t it OK to agree to disagree?

  9. Brad said

    Sure it’s OK, Joey T. If we all agreed to disagree and never spoke about our disagreements, would there even be a need for this blog? I don’t see too many other people using it. I’d love to see more people get involved in it.

    I don’t mind disagreeing with people, but I do mind when they put words in my mouth or make statements attributable to me that I didn’t say. That bothers me, and I will question it. Anonymous (love the people who refuse to give their names) won’t acknowledge it, b/c he knows he’s wrong.

  10. joey t said

    Anonymous is probably just looking to stir up stuff for the fun of it. If we ignore him/her long enough hopefully they will go away. I’d just as soon pray for them and move on. Why waste time and enerfy on people like that? What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. If they can’t figure that out from everything you’ve laid out there for them then that’s their problem. I’ll be praying for Anonymous. Brad – Keep up the good work. I’m with you on this one.

  11. Anonymous said

    We can disagree without being disagreeable.

    Brad, it’s not easy being anonymous. I have a family to think of though. There are some crazy folks out there.

    What is right is right, Joey. Why do you think that torturing people in secret prisons is right?

    We definitely disagree on that.

    Oh, and you are right about me stirring things up on this blog. If I didn’t do it, who would?

    Yours in Christ,

    A. Nonymous

  12. joey t said

    true, there are crazy people out there, but i don’t believe any of us are out to harm people…we’re simply debating based on our beliefs, for the most part…i have a family as well…nobody is unveiling where they live on here

  13. Shauna Johnson Army Wife said

    Your guestion:

    “Should we establish a timetable for withdrawal of American troops from Iraq?”

    My husband is serving his second tour in Iraq, both times serving in Ar Ramadi. He has seen the war at its worst, and its best. He has seen that city come up out of the ashes, thrive, go down again, and come back out. We believe that the only real difference we can make is the long term security. Education takes time!!!! Teaching how to secure, opening schools, teaching about the basics of better way of life. IE, better sewer, water systems for exsample. Getting the children educated! Imagine what it would be like if there wasnt such ignorance as you have now? You cant just make promises to the people and provide a taste of security and then tell them they are on their own. Its through education of the people that will make the difference but getting the door open and being stable takes time!!!

  14. Anonymous said

    Have you ever read the Iraqi Constitution? Did you know that Iraq is an Islamic republic? That Islam is the basis for all law in Iraq?

    Here’s a small part of the Iraqi Constitution that they voted for and that we are dying for:

    “Article (2):

    1st — Islam is the official religion of the state and is a basic source of legislation:

    (a) No law can be passed that contradicts the undisputed rules of Islam.”

    The presence of the US Military in that country will never be accepted.

    Let’s help them, yes, but do we have to help them start a Theocracy? I do not understand that.

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