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Today’s Guest: Rusty Leonard

Posted by truthtalklive on April 10, 2007

Visit: www.ministrywatch.com and www.stewardshippartners.com!

1 – Do you know what ministries do with the hard-earned money you sent them?

2 – How can you be sure your money is not being squandered?

3 – What about the helpless widow who blindly gives to the corrupt TV evangelist?


2 Responses to “Today’s Guest: Rusty Leonard”

  1. Anonymous said

    Great show today! Thanks for the info and all your hard work. I thank God for you.

  2. Rusty Leonard said

    Thanks for having me on the show today! It is apparent that most of your listeners are giving to those charities that tend to be among the best in terms of being open and honest about their finances and also using the money donated to their ministries fairly efficiently.

    Of course, I could not give very thourough responses on the show as we were trying to get as many callers on as possible. I recommend that your listeners go to our website and get the whole rundown we have on each of these ministries.

    Also, I would like to address the question of what oversght we have at Wall Watchers a litle more thoroughly. We do not have enough oversight of ourselves at the moment. We welcome others to check us out and ask hard questions. And we are looking for qualified board members and welcome any suggestions. But the risks are not great at our ministry since we get very little money from donors. Most of the funds that have supported our ministry since we started in 1998 have come from my wife and myself. So it is mostly our own money that I am spending on the ministry. Carol and I view this as our gift to our fellow donors. We welcome other donors but we typically do not pursue anyone for funds. We do not have a fundraiser on staff and the only asking for donations we do is on the top page of our website. I do not take any salary and never have. Board members are volunteers as well. While we welcome any oversight that someone might like to provide, the need for such oversight is less than at the average ministry.

    I look forward to being on the show again! God bless!

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