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Today’s Guests: Alan Wright and Kim Brackett

Posted by truthtalklive on April 5, 2007

Today’s Guest Host: David Warf from The Warf Group
Email: david.warf@thewarfgroup.net

QUESTION: What was your greatest “God Moment?”

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3 Responses to “Today’s Guests: Alan Wright and Kim Brackett”

  1. T. Garcia/Fort Worth said

    I loved hearing the “God Moments” talk today and I feel blessed to have been listening. I am going to start writing down my “God moments” so that I can go back later and count my blessings. Tuesday night when we had storms moving in the area, my husband and children and I stood outside watching the clouds roll/dark and gloomy, moving quickly. We looked up a few minutes later right above our house and saw a very bothersome cloud. My husband just said “Wow, I don’t like the way that looks.” A few more minutes passed by and I looked back up and saw it rotating. I asked my husband if it was in rotation or I was just not seeing it right and he said no it’s rotating. Then is started raining and lightning so we went inside. 15 minutes later we heard the sirens going off and we’d been listening to the tv for weather updates and heard that a tornado had been spotted on the ground in Dalworthington Gardens Arlington area, which is almost 12-15 miles South of our home. Later I finally had a feeling that God was telling me that he protected us. The God moment I had I believe was because I’d been pleading the Blood of Jesus daily over my family and our home for about 2 months now after a friend gave me a book to learn more about it. Praise God that he is always protecting us and loving us.

  2. Anonymous said

    “Praise God that he is always protecting us”

    That is a touching story, but what about the people 12-15 away from you that were hit by that tornado? They were praying, too.

    We should pray as Jesus taught us to.

  3. Anonymous said

    Did Stu authorize this topic and guest today? Something tells me that Stu would have never brought this gal on or the guest host either. Stu’s more grounded than that! I think this was completly ridiculous today. What on earth is this gal talking about? Talk about a fuzzy, cream puff, touchy feely bunch of gobble-de-goop! Come on people, don’t let your emotions get you so off track that you get deceived! God is much much much BIGGER than this!!! HE’s the CREATOR of the Universe!!! I’m not saying journaling is a bad thing, but the way this guest talked was way out there. If we say that “God told me”, or “God said…”, then we are in danger of adding to the scriptures which is very forbidden in the book of Revelation. God’s Word is enough, that’s all we need. If someone says that “God told me” then we need to all go and write that down in our Bible’s because apparently God wasn’t finished with the Bible yet. Come on people, this is the life saving GOSPEL we’re talking about, not some Oprah “The secret” thing! Just my two cents.

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