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Today’s Topic: "How’s your health?"

Posted by truthtalklive on March 30, 2007

Guests: Dr. Larry Webster and Sandra Bass

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Should Christians take better care of themselves?

Why are so many Christians out of shape and overweight? Is it a sin to be so?

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One Response to “Today’s Topic: "How’s your health?"”

  1. Anonymous said

    I just want others to know that my 5 year old son was diagnost with ADHD and behavior problems especially anger and agressive behavior. With the suggestion from a counselor, I changed his diet to organic with little to no sugar. His behavior has changed and he is a different little boy. No fights at school and no agressive behavior unless a teacher allows him to have a product with processed sugar. I was surprised to find out that ketchup has as much sugar content as a bar of candy and if using more than a tsp more than candy. I now use low carb sugar ketchup and have seen a great improvement. God has made us wonderfully without all the chemicals.

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