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Today’s Guest: Pastor David from Calvary Chapel of the Triad

Posted by truthtalklive on March 28, 2007

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Question: Should Christians still observe the Passover Feast?

How much do you know about Passover?



13 Responses to “Today’s Guest: Pastor David from Calvary Chapel of the Triad”

  1. DreamGyrl360 said

    The passover is a beautiful thing that all of God’s people should celebrate. First of all God tells us to do it forever. Second of all God is unchanging. Why would his laws change? They didn’t!
    You get alot of blessings for following God’s word. Observe passover; I promise you you’ll never regret it.

  2. Anonymous said

    I wonder why your guest said that the early church stopped celebrating the passover after Constantine. The early church is the Catholic church and we still celebrate the new passover that Christ gave us at the last supper. I challenge you to read the Early Church Fathers yourself.. not someone else’s opinion of what they said (or say). Also, I would like to comment that your Cannon of Scripture is NOT the same as that of which Jesus used. Martin Luther removed books that Jesus studied. If your guest really thinks its important to do the things that Jesus thought was important, such as celebrating the Passover, maybe he should look into the Bible also.

  3. Anonymous said

    you referred to Easter as Ishtar.
    Why? Does your church hold an easter egg hunt for all the children?

  4. Anonymous said

    What books that Jesus studied were removed by Martin Luther? How do you know what Jesus’ cannon of scripture was? wouldn’t it have basically been the Hebrew scriptures?

  5. Anonymous said

    Pastor David, my children attend your church and they said it is extremely Israel friendly and that you yourself speak Hebrew. That’s really why you have your congregation celebrate or observe passover, isn’t it?

  6. Anonymous said

    this sounds very legalistic to me

  7. Anonymous said

    The early church were the disciples and those who believed their message about Jesus. When did Catholisism begin? I know it wasn’t the early church described in the book of acts and Paul’s letters. What are you talking about?

  8. Dickie Dexter said

    i would like to get a comformation about something i heard Zola Levet say concerning the passover & the other festables in coralation to the developing stages of a fetus. 15th day 1st mt. passover =the day most likely to conceave,overies drop.Breakin of hymen= innocence lost, blood on the door post. next event varies 1 to 7 days later= saboth following. day of atonement= chimical change to blood type. festival of trumpets= hearing is developed. booths= lunges are developed enought to live prematurly & the man made feast, festival of lights= perfect gestation period when birth occures.

  9. Anonymous said

    i have been to many churches and listened to many respected bible teachers on the radio and tape. now i listen to pastor david online (live in another state) and he is the absolute best bible teacher/expositor i have ever heard. this man knows the word and can rightly divide it.

  10. starfox333 said

    I have attended all of the Passover Seders that Pastor David has hosted. It just gets better every year. The experience is not to be missed and I so appreciate that he has opened the doors to the community this year. The event is focused on Jesus from start to finish. As Christians, we have the fullest possible understanding of what is portrayed through each element of the traditional meal. Pastor David expounds upon and opens the Word to us so that we can begin to see and know the completion of this ancient and beautiful feast.

  11. Anonymous said

    Wow. Thanks for the responses. I would like to keep the topic to the Passover and will not address the apocrypha responses other than to say it was not Martin Luther who removed them but the early church fathers who placed them in a separate category from the rest of the responses. About being legalistic, we are a grace filled church. I said we should not that we have to celebrate the Passover. I do not tell our people they have to come just present the opportunity. We do it to celebrate Jesus and the fact that we have been set free from the slavery of sin not because I speak Hebrew. I do the Passover in English. Yes we are Israel friendly (I will bless them that bless you). No we do not hold an Easter egg hunt. My favorite picture…the lamb that was slain without a bone broken. We keep the Passover to keep our salvation…no just kidding, the Bible encourages us to keep it. It is a beautiful picture of what God has done for us..in a word…redemption.

  12. Anonymous said

    oops the one that opens with wow is from me pastor david

  13. Anonymous said

    The question is: “Should Christians STILL observe the Passover?” I wasn’t aware that Christians were in the habit of observing it in the first place. The fact is that YAHUWEH never gave any instructions to Christians and neither did Messiah Yahushua. His instructions were to His people Yisra’el, whether descended from Abraham or grafted into the congregation of His people by a decision to obey Him and follow His instructions. The term “Christian” was a designation given by pagans, not by Messiah or His followers. The biggest mistake of Christians is the separation they make between Christians and Jews, because they have embraced the so-called “early church” established by the pagan sun god worshipper, Constantine. YAHUWEH has only ONE people: Yisra’el. That people consists of those who believe Him and desire to obey Him. Messiah practiced and taught TORAH. When ever He or his apostles referred to the Scriptures, they were speaking of TORAH and the Prophets, not the so-called “new testament”. The more aptly called “re-newed covenant” scriptures simply describe the completion of the Abrahamic covenant by the blood of Messiah. They don’t establish some new Christian religion. If you love YAHUWEH and believe His Messiah, you are a part of Yisra’el. The only reason you should observe the Passover or anything else that YAHUWEH commanded is if you have some particular desire to OBEY Him.

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