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Today’s Guest Host: Earth Creationist Charlie Liebert

Posted by truthtalklive on March 23, 2007

Visit www.sixdaycreation.com!

Friday’s Guest Was: Keith Deltano from Virginity Rocks!

12 Responses to “Today’s Guest Host: Earth Creationist Charlie Liebert”

  1. Richard Dennis MIller said

    Before my son went to public high school (he’s in 10th grade), we homeschooled and we taught him creation straight from Genesis. In his biology class, every characteristic of every animal was framed in terms of adaptation.

    The teacher told the class, “I know some of your parents may have told you differently, but I want you to think for yourself.”

    My son made it absolutely clear that he did not and would not believe evolution.

    The point is that whether we send our kids to public schools, Christian schools or home school, we are ALL home schoolers. It is our responsibility to teach our kids the truth from God’s Word. No agent of the world, the state or anyone else will do that for us and we must prepare our kids to be aliens in the world.

    This is a great show. Can I get a recording on CD?

    Burlington, NC

  2. joey t said

    Today’s show was incredible. Charlie really knows his stuff. I like how quick he was to answer all the caller’s question. I’m sure one of these people who are posting anti-Christian comments will have something to say. Keep up the good work!

  3. dan fitzgerald said

    Hey Stu! I don’t know if you remeber me, but this is Dan Fitzgerald. We were in the same dorm at Master’s College for a year. I am currently the senior pastor at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Springfield Ohio. I was thinking about you because Paul Gathany, who just retired as General Manager of CDR Radio is also a deacon at our church. I went to his retirment dinner at Cedarville last night and talked to a few people who know you. So I thought I would look you up on the web and say hello. I pray the Lord is bleesing your life and ministry according to his riches in glory (which is inexaustable!). My e-mail is pastordanf@sbcglobal.net. If you are ever in the Columbus/Springfield/Dayton area look me up. I would love to take you to lunch and remeniss. God bless!


  4. Anonymous said

    Please tell me you don’t take this guy from Sixdaycreation.com seriously!

    What a bunch of hogwash!

  5. joey t said

    hahaha!!! i knew it! here they come!

  6. Anonymous said

    We sent my son to Christian school aginst my wishes. Thank God he didn’t spend enough time there to be brainwashed into believing this young earth silliness.

    Having Liebert (or any other young earth expert, but not Hovind! he’s in jail!) on to take calls from the assimilated head nodders does nothing but make fun of what most Christians’ believe.

    Why not debate the topic seriously? Or could it be that you don’t want to lift up that rock and peek underneath?

  7. Anonymous said


    I am not anti-christian.

    I am against teaching our youth to be ignorant about the sciences, though.

    And that is what the young earth position does. It ignores and misrespresents natural philosophy.

    Oh, wait, my bad…this isn’t about real science, is it?

  8. xapis said

    And what pray tell is real science, anonymous? Are you sure you know the meaning of the word science?



  9. Anonymous said

    Sure. Go to any public library in the USA and look up Geology, Chemistry, Anthropology, Archaeology, Sociology, etc. That’s where you learn about science.

    Then look up up religion. That’s where you’ll find Noah’s Ark. Not on any mountain in Turkey.

    Young earth makes Christians look ignorant.

  10. Anonymous said

    I love relating science discoveries and the Bible. I am a Christian, and I hold the Bible as the Word of God. Therefore, I believe that discoveries in science ALWAYS agree with the Bible. Where we get all mixed up is when we apply our own reasoning to the Bible to interpret it and then call our conclusions God’s Word. We need to be careful. Although I totally enjoy thinking about how the creation all took place, I have to realize that the Biblical account is very, very, very scant and is just and only a summary. I know some of you will rant about that, but it is true. Where are the details. All the details we have are inferred explanations people give. It means this because, etc. etc. etc.
    As far as the reasoning that the old earth theory is heresy because there was death before Eden – who ever said that the Eden creation was the first creation of God on this earth. Young earth is in vogue now. Not so long ago it was not. There was a respected Biblical theologian in the early 1900s that put together a famous reference Bible who indicated his belief in an old world and another creation prior to the one in which Adam was created. I have one of his Bible’s and it says this in his notes. Oh, I’m sure some will cry “heretic”. We can be SOOOOOO egocentric. God is God. He can do what He wants, and he certainly does not have to give our curious minds the details. When we start calling people who have different views about how God did what he did in the beginning heretics, we are really taking on a role that is not ours. Who are we to make young earth, old earth a division point among Christians? One is of Paul, and one of Apollos. How we love to set ourselves apart and above our brethren!!!

    Joanne K.

  11. Kenneth J said

    In response to Joanne K.

    Scofield was ignorant of the evidence that supports a recent creation and an earth that is less than 10,000 years old.

    Most scientists before the early 19th century were young earth creationists.

    The One who said the Genesis account of creation – the Garden of Eden was the first creation, was the Author of the entire Bible – God Himself.

    The whole issue is when did death come into the earth: before Adam sinned or after? If before, there is no need of a Savior. If after, there is a great need for a Savior.

    Read some of the quotes from G.Richard Bozarth, a well known atheist of the 20th century.

  12. anonymous said

    Scofield’s notes do support a young earth creation, but I agree with Joanne’s overall comments. Charles Hodge, the dean of the old Princeton scholars of the 19th century, supported an old earth creation in his systematic theology that was written just before Darwin wrote the Origin of Species.

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