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Today’s Guest: Pastor Greg Laurie from Harvest!

Posted by truthtalklive on March 22, 2007

Visit www.harvest.org

Please post any notes or comments for Pastor Greg here!

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3 Responses to “Today’s Guest: Pastor Greg Laurie from Harvest!”

  1. Anonymous said

    First things first, I love Greg Laurie, I listen to him often. I do have some questions about his Gospel message though. I noticed that he often tells people to come to Jesus because they have a “God-shaped hole in their heart”. What does that mean exactly? Isn’t that extremely man centered? It’s not about us! We don’t come to Christ so that we can get off drugs, or get our marriages back together or get a new job. We repent and trust in the Savior because we need righteousness! We in ourselves are nothing, our good deeds are as filthy rags! Nothing about us is good at all! Jesus didn’t die on the cross so that we can feel better about ourselves, did He? I don’t think so. We’ve gotten away from the Holiness of God and who He is and what He’s about and who we are. We fail to mention His wrath that we store up from Him because of our sins. That’s another thing, what is sin? The Bible says that the preaching of the Cross is foolishness to those that are perishing. ie: “Jesus loves you and He died on the cross for your sins”. That’s foolishness and offensive; foolish because they don’t know who Jesus is exactly and offensive because you’re calling them a sinner and they don’t think they are! So, if we simply fail to tell a person the bad news (that they’re a sinner), then the Good news won’t make sense. A sinner needs to understand that our hearts are deceitfully wicked and that we have sinned against God! We have broken God’s 10 commandments, His perfect standard. We need to get right with HIM! Amen? So, again, not dogging Greg as I love him and his heart, he’s also very funny. Hope this makes sense.

  2. michael page - greensboro said

    Greg Laurie has touched untold millions between his radio program, crusades and through Harvest Christian Fellowship. Yet, he’s always so humble and grateful. May God continue to bless Greg and his ministry!

  3. Otis F.Gulley said

    Dear Jesus – I got saved a Big C in 1976 – Greg was used to nurture me in Jesus at that time of my lifeand through the years since. I just finished reading Lost Boy by Greg…My Spiritual Mother Helen Warn sent it to me restly ! God used it to help me draw ever so closer to Jesus. I can relate so much to his story and my life. My Pastor Kelley Taylor at Calvary Chapel of Lake Stevens Washington Lost His Son Jody Taylor fifteen years ago to cancer it was so hard for him and I have watched Jesus help him and his family all of these years through there loss… I pray that Greg and Cathie, and the whole family will be comforted and cared for like Jesus helped my Pastor,Friend, and Brother in Jesus Kelley…Dearest Jesus please make since of this to them all. Sometimes people that are believers forget we are human and we need Jesus a fresh when great tragidy comes so unexpected and quickley…Give them the love and space the need so greatly…We are thankfull there precious Loved one is in Heaven in The Arms of Jesus….Watch over and keep his wife and children sweet Jesus…Amen… Otis Frank Gulley

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