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Today’s Guest: Bill Federer

Posted by truthtalklive on March 8, 2007

Bill’s book: “What every American should know about the Qur’an”

Visit Bill’s site: Amerisearch.net

How can we use this information to reach Muslims for Christ?


2 Responses to “Today’s Guest: Bill Federer”

  1. Anonymous said

    A very timely topic for me. Just the day before, a co-worker had given me a colored booklet called “A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam”.

    It begins with science-type assertions to establish that the Qur’an is the written insprired word of God (Allah). It shows a picture of a human embryo next to a leach and next to a piece of chewing gum with teeth marks in it. It quotes passages saying man was formed like a leach and that he had been chewed (paraphrasing here), and that the photos “prove” that the Qur’an is the inspired word of God.

    Moreover, the guy is from Palestine. As such, I really to not want to get into any religious or politial discussions with him. However, by lending me this book he is showing that he is evangelizing me. As a Christian, should not I ought to be doing the same?


  2. Stu said

    Stephen, great point! And Great timing! Yes he’s proselytizing you
    and you should absolutly do the same! Prov 11:30
    says “He that wins souls is wise.”

    What a wonderful open door.

    You have a great opportunity there to reach this friend for
    He needs to hear the Gospel and see first hand how the Bible
    stacks up against the Koran, and Jesus can do for him what
    Muhammad can do for no one.
    Let’s all pray for Stephen as he witnesses for Christ in this

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