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Today’s Guest: Pastor David McGee

Posted by truthtalklive on February 28, 2007

Visit David’s Church: Calvary Chapel of the Triad


Is expository Bible teaching really better than the newer seeker-driven approaches to Church ministry?


5 Responses to “Today’s Guest: Pastor David McGee”

  1. Anonymous said

    hey this is pastor david. is there anyone who disagreed with the concept that we are biblically illiterate? how many are in a church that teaches verse by verse? how many have read the bible all the way through?

  2. Brad said


    I wouldn’t disagree that SOME are Biblically illiterate, but I don’t believe everyone is. Whose fault is that? I think we can blame it on the church all we want, and they’re probably partly to blame, but the ultimate responsibility for our spiritual well-being, our walk and personal relationship with God, lies with US, not with someone else. It is OUR duty to further our relationship with God. Yes, the church plays a large part in that, but responsibility doesn’t lie solely, or even mostly, with the church.

    I like the verse by verse format, but a church or pastor doesn’t HAVE to teach that way to say it’s teaching the Word of God. Get a good Scripture reference, and then base your sermon around that Scripture, teaching what it means and how it applies to our lives today. As long as Scripture is your reference and starting point, I think that is the key. It’s the seeker-friendly churches like Lakewood, whose sermons are clearly NOT Biblically-based, that are guilty of empty sermons.

    I personally have not read the Bible all the way through. And I think it’s good to read the Bible, but I think it’s more important to STUDY the Bible. Many people think that just reading it through, to say they’ve done so, is a great accomplishment. But if they haven’t understood what it said, or studied it all, but just read it as they would any other book, it hasn’t benefitted them as much as it could have.

  3. Anonymous said

    Is there somewhere online we can hear this program again? I’d like to hear David on this topic, but was out of town when it aired.

  4. Anonymous said

    I’ve been to Calvary Chapel’s that claim to teach verse by verse, but rather than hearing expository exegetical teaching as claimed, we’d read a verse and spent 15 minutes hearing more about the Pastor’s life, jokes, quips, rabbit trails and really nothing that had to do with the Bible. Did Paul waste time like that? Now, I am at a church that teaches through entire books at a time, in context. We simply read the Bible and learn what the writer was teaching in the NT era. This has given the Holy Spirit the opportunity to convict entirely from God’s Word.

  5. Anonymous said

    Well isn’t that what Christians are supposed to do? Live by example and people see and hear what we do maybe the pastor is giving a testimony of his life just like the apostles did in the Bible gave us an over view of their life people watch you and either use that to put you down or talk good about you. I didn’t know Paul and I seriously doubt you knew Paul all we have is his example in the Bible but I can’t imagine God giving us humor or emotions or anything else to hurt us we just have to use them in the right manner of things and not go too far off course either way. I enjoy Pastor David’s teaching and it is verse to verse from the Bible then he explains it in a way that has people coming up and getting saved or coming back to Jesus every Sunday also the Church is growing let’s see yep I think that’s what happened with all the apostles when the taught the word of God they got people saved and the Church grew sounds good to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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