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Wednesday’s Show: The War in Iraq

Posted by truthtalklive on January 31, 2007

Should Christians support the war in Iraq?

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5 Responses to “Wednesday’s Show: The War in Iraq”

  1. Anonymous said

    People want to make the war, America against Iraq. I think we have to go back further to realize it is a war between Isaac and Ishmael. Whose side will we be on? This is the real question. The question was raised, “what would Jesus do”. I think we know the answer to that. I understand WHEN He returns, it will be to fight a battle. I belive in praying for our enemies, but God knows there will be those that will never accept Jesus, and will always fight against Him. I believe bibically we have no choice but to be there.

  2. Anonymous said

    Yeah, it’s our holy war against their holy war.

    After all, Jesus taught us to make war on the infidels and unbelievers, didn’t he?

    I don’t remember the bible verse, but you know which one I am referring to…don’t you?

    Christians should be pro-war!!!

    We need to ESCALATE NOW!!!!

    After all, the Iraqis were involved with 9-11, right?

    And Bush is a Christian so he wouldn’t ever do anything wrong, like lie to Congress, would he?

    Of course not!

    Drop the big one. We can still get the oil out after the smoking hole cools down. The radioactivity might make the oil burn better!

  3. Anonymous said

    I am a conservative and I believe we should bring the troops home. This is going to end up being worse than Vietnam if we don’t act soon.

  4. PatriotBeliever said

    Christians need to understand there is an agenda that goes back prior to 9-11-01.
    The specifics were written by the think tank “Project for a New American Century” (PNAC). If you are unaware of this organization and who they are, how they influence our current foreign policy and what their goals are, you simply have no clue about what truly is going on! It matters not where in biblical prophecy we currently are. PNAC… do a search and see what you find… Most Christians are buying a very non-conservative, non-Christian lie!

    Prior to 9-11, PNAC called for a “new pearl harbor” event so that the American public would accept the drastic change towards a rapid military revamp and build-up (this is public information from their own literature folks). That happened on 9-11-01. They also called for fighting endless wars in multiple theaters. They also called for Iraq to be split into three regions and to remain in conflict indefinitely. They also want the entire region (middle-east) to remain in conflict indefinitely. This is not my opinion,look it up and educate yourselves please, Christians.

    These are the people in positions of control and power right now. If their “suggestions” continue to be implemented (and they all have so far, Iran is next, just watch), your grandchildren will be drafted into this same war.

    (By the way, attacking Iran will likely involve Russia and China – God does not command us to become a self fulfilling prophecy anywhere I can find, so please don’t start claiming that this will be the Magog invasion called for, not when we are going to cause it.)

    God did not call us to bring about Armageddon for Him, yet that seems to be the mentality and justification of many so called “conservative Christians” today for unlimited war.
    If He did call America to set off Armageddon, we Christians are to act according to His will and character as revealed in scripture. That does not include endless war even with radical religions, period.
    We can wage endless war everywhere but here at home where we allow everything from thousands of babies to be murdered to leaving the borders wide open? We are truly deceived.

    Reread Ephesians 5 and stop fellowshipping with darkness, no matter what title or party it carries. The “lesser of two evils” mentality we have sown for years has given us this harvest of evil veiled in a cloak of “Christian conservatism” that is neither.

    As children of light, expose the works of darkness in the name of Jesus. Don’t go along with the deceptive, endless war. We are justified in protecting the homeland, but restricting foundational liberties of Americans does nothing to this end.

    “They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Ben Franklin

  5. Anonymous said

    Anonymous said… And Bush is a Christian so he wouldn’t ever do anything wrong, like lie to Congress, would he?

    Of course not!

    You also hvt to take into consideratipon that not all people who say their Christians really practice it

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