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Today’s Guest – Kimberly Smith!

Posted by truthtalklive on January 17, 2007

Visit Make Way Partners to learn more!

How can we put a stop to the multi-billion dollar sex slave industry?

Why is America the biggest importer of this?

Read an interesting article in Christianity Today by clicking HERE!


4 Responses to “Today’s Guest – Kimberly Smith!”

  1. Anonymous said

    Women may wonder why there seems to be few descent men available, if they most are hooked on pornography.
    There needs to be call to all the prophetic intercessors to start calling for harsh conviction in the land and all that profit from this, for every cent of thier ill gotten gains turn to dust in thier hands!

  2. Anonymous said

    thanks Stu for helping to mobilize the Body of Christ to storm Hell’s rusted gates as we work to stamp out sex-trafficking!

    If you heard about the problem on STu’s show today and want to work with us to save our children – go to http://www.makewaypartners.org and sign up to protect a child today!

    Kimberly L. Smith
    Ex Director

  3. xapis said

    I just want to say thanks to Kimberly and to Truth Talk Live for bringing these atrocities to light. I will be telling others about this ministry.


  4. Anonymous said

    your commitment to tell others is one of the most powerful things that can be done. call 205.240.8597 to learn how to get a MWP speaker to your church and community.

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