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Today’s Guest: Dr. Terry Law

Posted by truthtalklive on January 4, 2007

Visit Dr. Law’s site World Compassion now!

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5 Responses to “Today’s Guest: Dr. Terry Law”

  1. Anonymous said

    Please pray for Joane’s son mark,she called in today. who’s son is serving in Iraq

    TTL producer

  2. Anonymous said

    Wow! Your program with Dr Law was very enlightening. Thanks for having him on.

  3. Anonymous said

    I was able to catch the first half of this show. I have to say that I find it disturbing that so many so called Christians are glorifying this war. Shouldn’t disciples of Jesus be pacifists? Shouldn’t we be ashamed that our president has involved us in a civil war in Babylon of all places?

    Aren’t Sada’s claims well known and unverified? Just because Sada has an interesting Christian testimony are we supposed to reserve our skepticism?

    Regardless of the relative success in Kurdistan how I can’t describe Bush’s war as anything other than disastrous.

  4. What an enlighting speaker, Dr Terry Law. He said what I have always believed. It was God who led George W. Bush to take us to Iraq, where civilization began. I believe as Dr Law said, that we are going to see an awakening in the mid-east believing on Jesus Christ as Saviour of the World. History is going to prove this. God bless Dr Law and God Bless George W. Bush.

  5. Hi MS Rae Trujillo – Just an FYI that we’re now online at http://www.truthtalklive.com. We are no longer using this blog, but we do monitor and use it for reference. Thanks for posting!!

    Moderator (not Stu)

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