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Today’s Guest: Fletcher Armstrong

Posted by truthtalklive on December 19, 2006

Warning: The images and video on this website are extreme and graphic. This is not for the faint of heart.


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8 Responses to “Today’s Guest: Fletcher Armstrong”

  1. Anonymous said

    I don’t think that showing big pictures of aborted children is a good thing to do just anywhere. I think it can be very effective for adults and teens, but if children see such graphic images it could could affect them in negitive ways.

  2. Anonymous said

    Does it not matter that young kids see these images? How do you think it affects them

  3. Buzzard said

    Abortion is a silent Holocaust.
    The public should be made aware of it and demand it stops

  4. Fletcher Armstrong said

    Responding to Wayne and Anonymous: What is worse, a born child being upset by a picture of abortion, or an unborn child being killed by the act of abortion? If we can never show an abortion picture anywhere that a child might see it, then we will condemn 1.3 million other children to slaughter every year, from now until Jesus returns. Using the logic implied by your objection, the Allied armies should have ceded the entire European continent to Hitler and the Nazis because the military action necessary to defeat them would certainly have been upsetting to some of the young children who lived on the Normandy coast.

    Furthermore, children see horrifying images of violence all the time, without the slightest peep of protest from parents or anybody else. In April 1995, Newsweek magazine featured on its cover a picture of a child killed by the bombing in Oklahoma City. Pictures of dead bodies are frequently shown on the covers of magazines and on the front pages of newspapers, which are then routinely displayed in the checkout lines of supermarkets and are thus seen by millions of children. The only difference between those images and the images of abortion are not that children see them; the difference is that adults feel a sense of moral responsibility (i.e., guilt) when they see the abortion pictures because of our complicity or complacency in the killing.

  5. Brad said

    Good points, Fletcher.

    Who gets offended by it? It’s not as if it is made up, this stuff really happens! It would only offend those who are either OK with it, or who might have had one of their own, and possibly have guilt about it. In either case, I hope that seeing images such as these make them stop and think about what they support, or what they’ve done, and realize it’s wrong, and change their stance.

  6. xapis said

    I just want to commend you for standing up for what’s right and giving a voice to the voiceless. I also want to encourage you to keep it up. I realize many people, even a lot of Christians, will criticize you for your approach. But seeing is believing and, in this case, it seems to be about the only remaining option we have to put an end to the ignorance and complacency on this issue.

    Blessings to you, bro.
    Lambsburg, VA
    Grace Forums

  7. Anonymous said

    As someone who participated in an abortion as a young man, viewing Fletchers’ photos is heart rending (as it should be). And while it seems worthwhile to discuss the appropriateness of displaying the photos where children could see them (I would not want my children to view them), in the end, we absolutely owe it to the babies who are losing their lives to display them wherever possible.



    Some people can not read and as they say a picture is worth a thousan words. Why read a book of 500 pages on abortion when you can see it in one page. When people here abortion they hear a word. But when they see abortion they understand.All through the old testament you hear about Godly man involving their children with what we may call today offensive situations.Example back then young people used to train to kill animals at a young age.Think about David he killed lions-surely he learned this when he was young.

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