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Post your testimonies of God’s healing power here!

Posted by truthtalklive on December 18, 2006


2 Responses to “Post your testimonies of God’s healing power here!”

  1. Greg Nelson said

    Stu, I listened with great interest to your show yesterday. Your guest Mr. Smith has a healing story that very much parallels my own.

    Eleven years ago, at the age of 26, I contracted a kidney disease from which the doctors said my only means of recovery would be a transplant.

    Now, surprisingly this is something I had asked God for. I didn’t ask for illness, I asked God to break me in order to allow me to be closer to Him. Illness was the tool He used to answer my prayer.

    Within a few weeks of that prayer, my legs began to swell and very shortly it was clear there was something desperately wrong with my body.

    At age 26, the doctors were mystified. This was the kind of disease that generally occurs in the elderly, not someone so young. It is interesting because everything happened so quickly that I never had a chance wonder why, or feel sorry for myself. I was immediately thrown into a situation that if God didn’t do something I wasn’t going to make it.

    Immediately that call went out to my local Christian family and they began to pray. As the word spread to friends of mine from high school, I began to receive calls from Christian friends all over the country that I had not seen in years all who wanted to tell me they and their local church bodies were praying for me. The best I can tell is there were at minimum hundreds of people asking the Lord for my healing.

    Through this process, the Lord performed many miracles: my girl friend’s mother who three months prior to my illness begged me to get health insurance. His guidance to one of the premiere kidney specialists in the country, and ultimately the healing and restoration of my kidneys to normal function.

    Certainly one could say, well you found one of the best kidney people, of course you’re going to get better. The truth of the matter is, he offered me medication that was only designed to slow the decline of my condition; ultimately it was his prognosis that I would still need a transplant.

    What they saw in me was complete remission. It took nearly seven years for God to complete his work on that level. Four years ago was able to completely go off the medication and now my tests come back completely normal.

    You asked an interesting question yesterday, “Why wouldn’t God just immediately heal someone if they were a believer?” I have the answer. God used it as a tool to and continually uses it to bring me closer to him. Immediate healing would not have taught me a thing. His teaching was a long-term process. Every check-up and blood test (and there were too many) was an opportunity for Him to remind me that my life was in His hands.

    It took me a long time to realize what He had been saying since the first day, “I love you. I want you shackled to me in your dependence.” Had the disease been there one day and gone the next I never would have had the opportunity to learn the lesson that has literally become the cornerstone of my faith.

    If Jesus can heal me from that, what can’t he do?

    Thanks so much for your show.

    Greg Nelson

  2. https://www.facebook.com/notes/elizabeth-brooks/just-breathe/10153784934759388

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