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Today’s Guest: Tony Campolo

Posted by truthtalklive on December 14, 2006

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5 Responses to “Today’s Guest: Tony Campolo”

  1. Brad said

    Wow. I had read some of Tony’s material before, and had heard him before, but after this segment, I can say that I’d be hard-pressed to listen to much from him again.

    The fact that his wife and he disagree on homosexual marriage is troubling (the fact that his wife thinks the way she does, which is a complete mis-interpretation of Scripture, is troubling). His stance on the possibility of “curing” them is also equally troubling. And his stance on women in the church, I believe, is unScriptural and a complete misinterpretation, if not totally ignoring, of the writing in the NT.

    I was frankly pretty disappointed in his stances.

  2. DOug Bonds said

    Wow Brad, you are making me wish I had been able to listen to the show. I take it you weren’t too well pleased with his views. Know this though, “curing” homosexuals is an interesting phrase. I dont know what tony’s views or usage of the term was, but biblically there is no sin which needs curing… only forgiveness. Homosexuality is not a disease, or a forced condition. It is when ” men are led away by their own desires” as Paul writes. So in a sense, yes they need to be “cured” but that is never the heart of the issue. they need the washing of Christ’s blood to be reconciled to G-d as we all do. Women in the church…hmm. Well we know there were female prophets used in both old and (i think) new testaments, but should they be in leadership positions today. sure. as long as their name is NOT Katherine Jeffers Shory… or However that kook spells it 🙂

  3. Brad said

    “Curing” is an interesting phrase, you’re right. I think what I, and probably many others, mean by that is that it IS possible to discontinue that lifestyle, if you are truly repentent of your sins and truly seeking God’s will for your life. Remember, the Bible does say that we are to die to sin, which is to die to the desire to do so. Doesn’t mean we won’t still sin (as 1 John explains very well), but does mean that we should be seeking to flee from it, not run to it. Let’s say a homosexual becomes saved. What should be his next steps? If he’s counseled properly, it should be to flee from anything associated with that lifestyle. That would probably mean leaving partners, friends, influences that would keep him drawn in to that, explaining his reasons for doing so in a loving manner. It would mean praying to God for the strength to do so, as I’m sure it would be difficult. But to say it’s not possible – that simply flies in the face of former homosexuals who have converted away from that lifestyle as a result of their faith in God! So when we say “cure”, at least for me, that’s what I’m talking about. To say “I’m saved, but I think God is OK with me still being homosexual b/c He forgives me of my sin”, means that the heart has not truly repented – meaning to turn away from the sin!

    I notice you hyphenated the word God – are you Jewish, perhaps?

    Women in the church – this is pretty clear in Scripture, I’m not sure how this gets messed up. I think many overlook the CONTEXT which the Biblical instruction is written in. The only Biblical “position” of leadership in the church are pastor and deacon, essentially, and both have qualifications that would preclude women from serving. How much clearer can it be? That doesn’t mean women can’t function or serve in the church – they do, and do it well. It just means that in the positions of leadership, God has ordained men to hold those positions as part of His divine will!

  4. Anonymous said

    Sin is sin and those who pick out their “favorite” sin, like homosexuality or abortion, have sinned themselves.

    To the judge of the universe we are all homosexuals.

  5. Brad said

    Anonymous, I’m not “picking” out any sin, I’m responding to a hot-button topic that was set up by a 3rd-party. Seems you’re discussing it as well, so would you lump yourself into the same bucket?

    Nobody’s saying that that is the ONLY sin that God hates – He hates ALL sin. This just happens to be the sin we’re discussing right now. Substitute any other sin – lying, stealing, adultery, divorce, gossip, anything – and the discussion from me will still be the same – you have to repent from whatever sins you have. I freely admit to having sinned myself, and to sinning everyday. But I know that God has forgiven me through His Son Jesus, and I continue to strive to seek a life free from sin, though I do mess up. The difference is in the attitude of the heart, thinking that sinful actions are OK, when they’re not.

    “To the judge of the universe we are all homosexuals.” I think this says about everything we need to know about the way you think.

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