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Is it OK for homosexuals to marry?

Posted by truthtalklive on December 14, 2006

23 Responses to “Is it OK for homosexuals to marry?”

  1. Brad said

    Absolutely not. This is not condoned in Scripture, and homosexuality is in fact condemned in Scripture, in both the OT & NT.

    A Christian who supports this either does not understand what the Bible’s teachings are on this subject, or is ignoring them if they are aware. And both situations need to be remedied.

  2. trans-siberian said

    I agree. I think the Scripture is pretty clear on these types of relationships. I believe that God does not hate homosexuals. He hates the lifestyle they’ve chosen. We should be in prayer for these people and for the states as the liberal agenda moves toward legalizing same-sex marriages in every state.

  3. Anonymous said

    What liberal agenda? The state has no interest in modifiying your religious ceremony of marriage. The only interest the state has in any marriage is for tax purposes.

    Do you really think that you will be force to accept gay marriages in your religious practices?

    Never mind. I’m sure that Rush or Hannity have already made your mind up for you.

  4. Brad said

    No, I don’t believe we will be forced to accept gay marriages in our religious practices, b/c the church has the right to marry/not marry who they wish. The right in question is a state right, not a church right.

    What some people oppose (like myself) is the institution of gay marriage, b/c it takes the institution of marriage, which is ordained by God, and allows it to be defined as something that God didn’t intend, to placate those who choose to live their lives in that matter, in open defiance of God’s Word. That is what I have a problem with.

    I actually made my own mind up on that, too – it’s just that Rush, Hannity and Fox News tend to agree with me. 🙂

  5. trans-siberian said

    Anonymous, archaeology and science keeps proving the Bible to be accurate. How many more discoveries need to happen in order to convince you that the Bible is the true Word of God and is the absolute Truth? The Word is clear on what marriage should be and if this country and the states allow homosexual marriages, woe be to the USA. PS – My mind was made up long before Hannity was even born. Snide remarks like that won’t work on me.

  6. Anonymous said

    Brad, then we agree that the state has nothing whatsoever to do with your religious ceremony called marriage.

    So, what is the liberal agenda? Liberty and justice for all? The “Liberal Agenda” is a strawman invented by the right wing to scare voters.

    Be smart and ignore the mouths of the GOP Hannity, Rush, etc. Think for yourself.

  7. Anonymous said


    So you believe in what the Bible says because scientists have told you so?

    That seems like the wrong reason for being a christian.

    Hope you figure things out.

  8. Brad said

    Anonymous, the state does have everything to do with it, b/c it is the state that will ultimately recognize/not recognize the marriage. The church is the place where the wedding (which is the religious ceremony) takes place. What I, and many other Christians, object to is the state sanctioning as marriage something that was clearly never meant to be construed as marriage. I don’t know how to say it any clearer.

    I could really care less what term is placed on something calling it the “Liberal Agenda”. Doesn’t matter to me in the slightest. We can call it anything we want. What I’m specifically talking about here is gay marriage.

    Your last comment is actually fairly typical of a lot of non-Christians I talk to. Anyone who opposes gay marriage must have had it spoon-fed to them by Hannity or Rush, right? Even though I specifically stated earlier that though I agree with them, my opinions don’t come from them?

    Anonymous, it is fairly obvious that you really only want to come on here to argue, and that’s fine, it’s your right. But realize that all the potshots in the world won’t change my mind. And when I feel that you’re not even listening to reason but just arguing, that’s when I’ll discontinue.

  9. trans-siberian said

    no, anonymous….i believe in the Bible for an all too different reason…it’s just nice that science and archaeology are proving it to be what i already knew it was and something i pray you figure out as well…the Truth. if you’re only here to instigate, then give it your best shot….and i’ll pray for you cuz you’ll get hurt trying to convince me of your dribble-drabble

  10. Anonymous said

    jut trying to stir things up

  11. Brad said

    I realize you’re just trying to stir things up, but why? I mean, you seem to disagree, so you’re either totally convinced of your way and don’t think others can be valid, or you’re not sure, and you may want to seek out other answers.

    Can’t help with the first, but I can help with the second!

  12. Anonymous said

    I am a liberal. I am also a christian.
    I like stirring things up with right wing know-it-alls.

    There is no way I am going to change your mind. My mind is open.

    Happy Solstice!

  13. biteback said

    Ha-Ha-Ha! Nice going, anonymous. You’ve succeeding in proving that you’re an idiot. Nice how you spelled “Christian” with a small “C” instead of honoring the Lord with a capital “C.” You like stirring things up with right-wing know it alls? Whatever…you have no idea what you’re talking about and a true Christian would not try to stir things up, but would debate the issues strongly, but kindly. Go back to reading your Al Franken fiction crap and leave us alone.

  14. Anonymous said

    Name calling is a hallmark of ill informed opinion. That’s why right wingers resort to it so readily.

    The state has no interest in your religious ceremony.

    Why would a free christian in the USA want to get the government interested in private religious ceremonies?

    Right wingers…no idea is too nutty for them.

  15. biteback said

    we might be nutty, but you crazy liberals are certifiable! ha-ha-ha…take your ridiculous rantings elsewhere

  16. Brad said


    I don’t believe I’ve resorted to any name calling, though I do consider myself “right-wing” and “fundamental.”

    You state your are a christian – why do you believe you are? Define what you mean by “christian”?

    I would also love to hear your Biblical support for why you think homosexual marriage is OK, and then I would love to hear your defenses when presented with Biblical support as to why it’s not.

  17. biteback said

    Ah yes. Brad is right. Tell us, anonymous….if you are, indeed, a Christian…..are you pro-life or pro-choice? Are you for or against homosexuality and same-sex marriages? That will tell us if you are what you say you are. Don’t be a phony. It will come back to bite you one day.

  18. Anonymous said

    Homosexuals getting married doesn’t affect me in the least. I do have a problem with the right wing trying to scare people with the nutty idea that the government is out to destroy Christian marriage. The government can tax us but it can’t interfere in our private religious ceremonies. So you can call me liberal pro-homosexual or whatever. At my point of view makes sense.

    I have never counseled anyone to hsve an abortion. I am a grandfather. My only interest in the matter is the right wing trying scare us into believing that if we get the government more involved with it then it will be better. Why would conservatives want more government? Nutty!

    I believe in Jesus deeply despite being skeptical about miracles and supernatural phenomena in general.

    So nuts to you guys and remember:

    Friends don’t let friends vote Republican.

    Merry Christmas!!!

    I mean that!

  19. Brad said

    But Anonymous, you didn’t answer the posed questions – are you for or against gay-marriage/homosexuality, and are you pro-choice or pro-life?

    And further to my question, since you “believe in Jesus deeply”, what is your BIBLICAL support for such stances? Do you have any, or is this just “feelings” for you?

  20. Anonymous said

    All of my choices have been pro life. So put me down for pro choice, I guess. I don’t think we need the government involved in it. Do you?

    About homosexual marriages I have no interest in being for or against them. I am against getting the government involved in private religious ceremonies. If being free means that some queers are going to get married then put me down for pro gay marriage, I guess.

    Why? Are you gay, Brad?

    Not that there is anything wrong with that…

    I believe in Jesus. I am not sure about biblical support for my political views. Maybe that verse about rendering unto Caesar? I don’t know.

  21. biteback said

    Anonymous, I believe you are getting a little too defensive, which leads me to believe that possibly the Holy Spirit is convicting you of the belief system you have set up for yourself. I wonder what Jesus thinks of you believing that same sex marriage is OK and that it’s OK to kill an un-born child. You say you believe in Jesus, then perhaps you should examine yourself and wear one of the bracelets with the inscription “WWJD.” Do you think He would support homosexual marriage? I’m worried about you, anonymous. I believe you need prayer badly; and yes, the government should be involved and recognize that what is wrong, is wrong; and what is right, is right. Also, let’s take the personal swipes and snide remarks out of this conversation. I’d like to apologize if I posted anything previously that may have offended or provoked you.

  22. Brad said


    I’ll put you down for pro-choice (an anti-Biblical stance), and I’ll put you down for pro-gay marriage (another anti-Biblical stance).

    What troubles me most is what you said last: “I believe in Jesus. I am not sure about biblical support for my political views. Maybe that verse about rendering unto Caesar? I don’t know.” If you’re not sure, then you’re at a crossroads, and either you want to know and do what the Bible says, or you don’t care to do what the Bible says.

    You let me know which you would choose – if you want to know, we can talk. If you don’t care, then there’s nothing left to talk about.

  23. Anonymous said

    Merry Christmas to all here!

    And best wishes for a happy new year!

    I am giving you guys the last word on this. No offense taken, and yes, please do include me in your prayers if that suits you. Thanks!

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