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Do Mormons and Christians worship the same God?

Posted by truthtalklive on December 13, 2006


14 Responses to “Do Mormons and Christians worship the same God?”

  1. Brad said

    No, one only has to look at the attributes of the God that Christians worship vs. the attributes of the god that Mormons worship, to see that they are different.

    For Mormons, god is not eternal, has a father, had sex with Mary, and will allow other gods into heaven, among many other characteristics.

    For Christians, none of those attributes are the same as those of the God of the Bible. He is eternal, has noone above Him, did not have sex with Mary (for she was pregnant via the moving of the Holy Spirit), and will have no other gods before Him.

    Clearly, 2 separate beings are worshiped. In fact, I would also go so far to say that Christians worship the only God, and Mormons worship someone who doesn’t exist.

  2. trans-siberian said

    No, they do not worship the same god. How can anyone who knows anything about Mormonism possibly think otherwise?

  3. DOug Bonds said

    Of course they do. I mean after all like Oprah said, “Does he care about your heart, or if you call his Son Jesus?” It doesnt really matter what G(g)od we follow right? I mean if your god was only one of many other gods then thats ok right. I mean we all believe in a higher power, so doesnt it bring us all to the same place? Of course if their God is true then Jesus’ death on the cross was useless, and vain….hmmm

    acts 4:12- something i think Joseph Smith forgot to read…

  4. Brad said


    Hard to tell if you’re being serious or facetious here.

    They do NOT believe in the same God.

  5. Breanne said

    Um, yes they do. All you have to do is actually read the things they write about. They never say he had sex with Mary, and the Bible DOES say they are three seperate beings, and one and the same at the same time. There are no other Gods is what they believe, and God is eternal. Obviously you don’t know much about the religon.

  6. Kenneth J said

    Any one seeking truth concerning mormonism needs to purchase the videos:

    DNA vs the book of Mormon
    The BIble vs the book of Mormon.

    There is no way that Christians and mormons worship the same God.

    “As God once was, so is man. As God is now, so shall man be.” – a famous mormon quote.

  7. Peter said


    A believing Evangelical Christian might want to be careful using DNA evidence to “disprove” the Book of Mormon. The scientific theories used in these evidences show that the mitochondrial DNA markers in Native American populations correspond with migration from Eastern Asia to North America via the Bering land bridge over 10,000 years ago. This poses a problem for anyone who believes in any of the following:

    * Believing that all Native American are directly decended from Israelites that emigigrated in 600 BC. This is the so-called DNA proof against the Book of Mormon. (Which, incedentially, the text of the Book of Mormon DOESN’t say, so using this as evidence against the Book of Mormon is a perfect example of a straw man argument)

    * Believing in a creation of the Earth about 6000 years ago. (Which many Evangelical Christians do). How could the migration have occurred 10,000 years ago if the Adam was the only man just 6000 years ago?

    * Believing in a global flood in which only Noah and his family were saved. Again, if everyone except for the 8 on the ark were killed 5000 years ago, why is there DNA evidence showing the Native Americans have been here for 10,000 years?

    So, Kenneth, if you subscribe to these DNA theories, can I safely assume that you don’t believe in Genesis? And if you don’t believe in Genesis, why would you recommend a video called the Bible vs the Book of Mormon?

    You can’t have it both ways.

    – Peter

  8. Kenneth J said

    DNA vs the book of Mormon is a video featuring prominent Mormon scientists. These scientists are forced to reject the teachings of the Mormon “church” based on science alone.

    The video’s were recommended to Mormon’s to get them to see that Mormonism is wrong on the origins of Native Americans and if wrong there, wherelse are they wrong.

    I hold to a literal interpretation of Genesis – thus I would still reject mormonism as true Christianity based on that interpretation.

    Any true believer can compare the book of MOrmon and the HOly BIble and see the differences quite clearly.

    Thanks for your input.

    – Kenneth

    PS, this same DNA evidence also verifies the Holy BIble – Acts 17:26, even if the dating methods are faulty.

  9. Peter said

    So, just to be clear, then you do agree with the DNA theories that Native Americans are descended from people who crossed the Bering Land bridge over 10,000 years ago?

    I’m not sure how you square that with a literal interpretation of Genesis.

    If you don’t, why would you recommend a video based on theories that you don’t agree with?

  10. Kenneth J said

    Peter, what’s your point?

    DNA proves that the Mormon teaching of the Native Americans being the lost tribe of Israel is a lie. The dating method is faulty but the DNA testing is pretty accurate. DNA also proves we all come from one Human being, yet the dating method’s used say this one human like being walked the earth 100,000 years ago.

    The inaccuracies of scientific dating methods are well published, even in evolutionist publications. Yet, the DNA testing is almost 100% accurate.

    Explain to me why the heart of Mormonism is an evolutionist understanding of their god? “As [g]od once was, so is man. As
    [g]od is now, so shall man be” Reminds me of Satan as he said to himself “I shall be like the Most High.”

    If Mormonism is in unity with Christianity, then why does the book of Mormon contradict the Holy Bible?

  11. Peter said

    “Peter, what’s your point?” (Kenneth)

    I just find it very interesting that you are promoting videos that use admittedly “faulty” methods to try to disprove the Book of Mormon. The basic premise on which this straw man argument is based is inaccurate (see the first bullet point I made above), yet as long as the conclusion is one that you agree with, you feel it is OK to use.

    This is very close to “Lying for the Lord” and it is this type of propaganda that causes such a rift between members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Evangelical Christians.

  12. Kenneth J said

    No, what causes the rift is the Church of Jesus CHrist of Latterday Saints is a false hope.

    You didn’t answer my questions above.
    Again, the DNA results are accurate. That is the point. Mormonism is wrong on Native American’s, so what else is it wrong on?

  13. Cathy said

    Members of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints believe that God, the Father, his son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are three separate beings. If you believe they are the one person, then I guess in that sense members would believe in a ‘different God’ than you. It is not Christ-like to bash another religion for any reason. The places described in the Book of Mormon DID exist and will be shown when the Lord feels necessary. We have faith there is a God without actually seeing him -that’s what faith is – believing without seeing. We have to have FAITH these places the Book Of Mormon exist. Even if DNA were to prove they did exist, someone is ALWAYS going to find another reason to argue with the Book of Mormon. In due time it will be reavealed and then what will everyone say??? If you want to find out what members of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints really believe, go to their church or talk to a member. If you were interested in buying a car, lets’ say a Honda, would you go to the Toyota dealership and ask them about Honda’s?? OF COURSE NOT!!! They are going to tell you ALL the BAD things!! Why would they tell you anything else?? Satan does NOT want the Lord’s church to move forth, so he is putting up every obstacle he knows to try and stop it. But guess what….Satan will NOT win this battle but he sure can try!!

  14. Joe said

    I’ve been to an lds party at one of their temples and they played pagan music on what is supposed to be Holly ground. Not only that but they celebrate pagan traditions like halloween. Obviously the Holly Spirit is not with them because the holly spirit rejects all theses things. I live in a community where 99% of people at work are lds and i don’t see much saintness in them. However, at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ he will be the one to judge us all and every knee will bow and every tongue willl confess that He is our saviour, the only God there was, there is and there will be.

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