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What if worship were outlawed in the USA?

Posted by truthtalklive on December 1, 2006

How many Christians would turn their backs on Christ if they were arrested and threatened with torture and/or death?


6 Responses to “What if worship were outlawed in the USA?”

  1. Jeff Downs said

    Hello Stu, do you have archives of your program?

  2. Stu said

    not totally yet, but it’s in the works. We do sell individual cd’s, just let us know which show you’re interested in, thanks, stu

  3. Anonymous said

    I think that we as Christians here in this country have it too good and we take for granted that we can express our love for Christ so openly, we can go to church and carry a Bible without any reservations. Do you remember that commercial where the people were meeting in a secret area to have Bible Study? It really emphasized how blessed we are and I am sad to say that I am not sure if many of us, including myself, would risk getting arrested or killed would spread the gospel. I respect those individuals who are able to share the Word of God even when they could get arrested or killed.

    I pray that this question will prompt me and others to not take for advantage our ability to share the gospel so freely and become an Ambassador for Christ.


    HI to all. FITE-COMMANDER her from http://WWW.FITECLAN.COM home of FITE=fear is the essential gaming team. THATS CRAAZY WORSHIP outlawed in the U.S.A. Even though it will happend in the endtimes but not today. Spreading the whole word of GOD is already a challenge due to nonbelievers and by false sensual and sincere prophets who are sneaking in churches and spreading false teachings.This false teachers impose rules and ways on how and not to speak GODs word.When instead it out to be spread freely and without rules yet willing and with FAITH….As GOD said in the past choose this day cursings or blessings then may those that have turn their own way receive their own way.

  5. Mike S. said

    I guess I’d be convicted, and my family would be the first to turn me in!! Man it’s been a rough week! I came to Christ 6 years ago and am getting slammed among my family members for making a claim to know the TRUTH!! Here are my journal thoughts after being verbally thrashed by a couple of close family members:

    I will strive to treat everyone with love, respect and gentleness regardless of their beliefs.

    I will thank God for every persecution and attack on my beliefs.

    I am not going to apologize for having rock solid confidence in my beliefs. Even realizing that such confidence is offensive to some.

    I am not going to apologize for proclaiming the Gospel as truth because I am commanded to do so.

    I will apologize for any way that I may have come across as self righteous in the process. Striving to remember that I do not stand in any of my righteousness for any of mine is dung! Worthless before a perfect and holy God!! I am thrilled to have the ability to stand in the perfect righteousness of Christ that is given to me as a free gift.

    People can crucify and persecute me as they will, whether it be an inward disdain, blowing me off, eye rolls, jokes behind my back, verbal thrashings, excommunication, or even if they would like to physically slap me upside the head or worse, I will not discontinue to love and care for each of them deeply. And love them enough to share the truth with them.

    I think it’s interesting how Christians are accused for being intolerant of others because we make some confident claims about what we believe. Yet those who are accusing us of such are simply doing just that. They are making a claim that they are confident in what they believe and are being intolerant of the Christian making a belief claim because it does not match with what they believe.

    Are we supposed to go through life and NOT make any belief claims to anyone who disagrees? Let’s just look out after ourselves. To hell with everyone else? How loving is that? How BORING is that? How futile life would be.

    If I realize that when I share my beliefs, some people think I am a fool, (and I DO realize this!) then what motivation is there for doing it? Think about it!! Obviously it is not because I think that they are going to think more highly of me! I just confessed that I know they think me a fool! Can they not see that I am willing to lay my reputation on the line and subject myself to the persecution that follows, becoming a fool for Christ with a possible result that one of them may come to know Him? Can they not see that this is love?

    The condition of our souls is eternally important. If we believe that Jesus is who He says He is, then we have to take Him seriously. If not, then just be your own god and make your own religion!

  6. Mike S said

    I posted the above to the wrong question….sorry

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