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Should there be a law against using the N-word?

Posted by truthtalklive on November 30, 2006

5 Responses to “Should there be a law against using the N-word?”

  1. Anonymous said

    How ridiculous is this question? If there was a law against the N-word, there would be far more black people in jail than other races. I continually hear blacks using this word with each other. Are you saying that the law should only be for non-blacks? Laws for a certain race is more than offensive, it is EVIL! People should stop getting their theology from CNN and Oprah. Political correctness is equally EVIL.


    U-NEEK this is FITE-COMMANDER commander of FITE=fear is the essential at http://WWW.FITECLAN.COM
    thats a good point.We got enough negros in prison already-this will mean all mexicans and white folks will mostly receive the biggest fine and imprisonment sentences.If a white person recievs an all black jury for saying the N word-more then likely GOOD LUCK TO HIM he will be in prison forever.Let the nonbelievers judge each other and the Christians themselves. Our duty with the world is to help the needed, the weak and become disciples. I have trouble believing we ought to be going around the world making all types of laws.This N law is a N-O..

  3. Anonymous said

    One more thing…. Yes, the N-word is bad but as a few callers pointed out, using the Lord’s name in vain is far, far, far worse. Christians are sometimes more concerned with political correctness than what God considers offensive. Again, people should stop getting their theology from CNN and Oprah and get back into the Word of God.

  4. Anonymous said

    Don’t we already have enough “stupid people” laws? People who choose to use words like the N-word or any other derogatory word show just how ignorant they are and as a Christin I would have to choose someone else to socialize with.

  5. Anonymous said

    I lived in Hawaii 1966-1969. While there I was called by the “H” word, which means white foreigner. It was not the legal meaning of the word that had an impact on me, it was the intent to make me feel “less than” and excluded. Christians are taught to be inclusive, but find ways to exclude others every day, even fellow Christians, in ways beyond calling them by a particular word. We cannot change anyone, but the Holy Spirit can draw the sinner to Jesus. We are called to live a life of love and telling others of the gospel of Christ. Making a law will not change the heart, and “from the heart, the mouth speaketh.” I pray that Christians will live by the law that is written in their hearts.

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