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Today’s Guest: Mike Rich, Writer – "The Nativity"

Posted by truthtalklive on November 28, 2006

Watch the trailer and learn more about THE NATIVITY!


2 Responses to “Today’s Guest: Mike Rich, Writer – "The Nativity"”

  1. Anonymous said

    Christians SHOULD NOT go to the movies at all…..

    Doesnt matter what kind of movie they are showing … the fact of the matter is that…the money that we pay to the Movie Theathers is going to support a bunch of other industries including hoolywood….and also supports that same building that shows movies that go against the WORD of GOD


    FITE-COMMANDER here AGAIN-LOL owner of FITE=fear is the essential at http://WWW.FITECLAN.COM
    my quote you anonymous of comment #1 is that no matter how we spend our money nonbelievers will get it. Christians are outnumbered let me take a guess 1 to 5,000,000.There is nothing wrong with spending money to go to movies or watch tv.What will determine your downfall will be what get glued in your heart.There are many movies out there that are as harmless as a fly.All through the bible there are many mighty man who were GODLY and served evil wicked kings that deserve hell.Yet GOD’s man served them very well.

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