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Should Christians care that "The Nativity" might offend non-believers?

Posted by truthtalklive on November 28, 2006


5 Responses to “Should Christians care that "The Nativity" might offend non-believers?”

  1. Anonymous said

    Christains should never care about offending people, because Christ himself didn’t care. The main thing is, that we should do is what God has commanded us to do and that is to spread his Word and to bring glory to his son.

  2. Anonymous said

    What are non-believers considering offensive? There is absolutely nothing foul about this film that could possible be considered to be offensive. Have any of these people watched prime time television lately?

    High Point

  3. Stu said

    Amen to both!!! Thanks for some great thoughts!


    FITE-COMMANDER here commander of FITE=fear is the essential at http://WWW.FITECLAN.COM. We as Christians ought to becareful what we say,weather it be by
    pc gaming talk/blogs/forumsm(WWW.FITECLAN.COM), radio talk shows (like Stu’s), or movies.Fire is fire and it will spread wherever and whenever. As Christians we are to keep our speech pure according to scriptures.By this we will be apart of the world but not with the world.

  5. Anonymous said

    What about Christians getting offended about what others say and do against Christianity, against our beliefs? The reason retailers and groups are so afraid of “offending” non-Christian groups is b/c those groups speak out to let them know they are offended, and when a retailer offends a group, if the group is incensed enough it can mean a big loss of sales.

    Why aren’t the same retailers/groups worried about “offending” Christians? B/c by and large, Christians don’t get offended when things happen that clearly go against Scripture. We just let it pass as if it doesn’t matter, and say and do nothing about it. We have become very passive in our faith, to the point where people probably question whether we actually believe anything at all. Christians are often on a path to offend nobody, and in doing so we often end up standing for nothing at all.

    I’m not worried for a second about “The Nativity” offending anyone. It is Biblically accurate, and I assume historically accurate, so if people don’t like the truth, that is something that they will have to reconcile in their own minds.

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