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Would you rather have your kids listening to secular rap music or Christian rap music?

Posted by truthtalklive on November 15, 2006

If you know your kid loves rap, shouldn’t you try to turn that kid on to Christian rap?


5 Responses to “Would you rather have your kids listening to secular rap music or Christian rap music?”

  1. Anonymous said

    in any music genre… i’d rather have my kids listen to people who are lifting up the Lord through music… again, in any genre.

    – vic

  2. alan wilbourn said


    I tried to get through when you had J O T on but never got an answer so I’m sending my comments. First, every Christian who has opinions on this subject needs to read WHY I LEFT THE COMTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN MUSIC MOVEMENT by Dan Lucarini, MEASURING THE MUSIC by John Makujina, and 101 THESES(online) by Steve Camp in order to gain a better understanding of what is going on from a balanced perspective.

    I am a musician with two degrees in music from one of the top music schools in the nation and have been a Christian for almost 50 years so here are my comments for your guest and anyone else who shares his beliefs about any form of contemporary music.

    1) The Word says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Using ANY KIND OF MUSIC to evangelize is using its emotional power to manipulate and influence the listener and goes against the “plain speech” Paul refers to in I Corinthians that is to be used in sharing the gospel.

    2) By the simplest definition of music, Rap doesn’t measure up. At best it is merely poetry (often
    bad) set to a rhythmic and sometimes harmonic background but it isn’t music. If your guest wants to use his gift he needs to develop it further. I have no problem with his sincerity, just his method.

    3) Taking Rap or any other secular/popular form out of its context and giving it Christian wrapping doesn’t change its character or inherent message. The music has a message of its own and may or may not reflect or encourage Christian character and adding “Christian” lyrics doesn’t change its impact or influence.

    4) The Bible never condones an “end justifies the means” approach to evangelism or worship. People who are using methods and styles of the world to try to lead people to Christ are missing the essential message of scripture which teaches that it is the facts about God, salvation, Jesus, etc. that matter and not our feelings about them. Faith requires that we just believe and then walk in obedience.

    5) While I don’t believe that churches should split over music I do believe that those who want the contemporary style and those who use it refusing to accept anything else are guilty of bringing their “idols”
    with them just as Israel brought theirs out of Egypt.

    6) Just because God allows something doesn’t mean He is pleased with it. He allowed David to murder, commit adultery, etc. but he wasn’t pleased with it. He allowed Solomon (and other leaders and patriarchs) to have multiple wives (not His will), concubines, etc. and wasn’t pleased with that either. He gives a lot of latitude even though He isn’t pleased and none of us should assume that something is acceptable to Him merely because we are seeking to glorify Him. Remember that Abel brought an offering that pleased God and Cain didn’t. Cain was more interested in giving what he wanted rather than what God wanted or required.

    7) Those who fall back on the “new song” mentioned in Psalms and elsewhere need to check out the word new. Its root means to refresh or renew. Its meaning can refer to something “new” or novel but has more to do with the heart of the worshiper being renewed than the song he or she is singing.

    Thanks for your time.

  3. hank said

    Alan Wilbourn said “By the simplest definition of music, Rap doesn’t measure up. At best it is merely poetry…set to a rhythmic and sometimes harmonic background but it isn’t music.”

    This is hyperbole. Of course it is music.

  4. Anonymous said

    I’ve heard christian rap before and it’s not to my liking, but I’ve heard music of jhon ruben and he speaks to what teens are going through in most of his songs, at least the ones i’ve heard, I believe that if he continues to use the word of God as he does he’s not in the wrong he helps kids understand how the bible and christ can relate to their lives.

  5. N said

    Do you really think that HE creates a talent in someone and then is offended when they glorify him with it? If so, should we not sing if we have bad voices? That’s ridiculous.

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