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Reaching the Youth of Today

Posted by truthtalklive on November 15, 2006

Is it wrong to use rap music or heavy metal music laden with Christian lyrics to teach people about the Lord?

If so, why is it wrong?


4 Responses to “Reaching the Youth of Today”

  1. Terry said

    You can’t sit in your cushey pew and expect to reach the world with the Good News. The Great Commission says “go into the world”. Jesus set the example in Matt. 9, He sat with publicans & sinners, why? You read it and…
    This is a great ministry to reach young & old alike.

  2. follower of Christ said

    I saw this video posted in Joshua Harris’s blog. I don’t know how you could consider Christian Rap to be sin if 2 theologically sound churches represented in the blog posting and a pastor’s pastor, John Piper, would encourage Christians to engage with their culture through Christian Rap. The message in Christian Rap today generally contains more sound apologetics than any other genre today. If you don’t reach the Hip-Hop culture through music, then you leave them condemned. Jesus died for the Hip-Hop culture, too.

  3. Anonymous said

    Glorifying God through music was once considered only possible through classical composers. Then commoners brought Christian into their homes and churches in the styles they were more familiar with. I remember people criticizing guitars being played in church, and fast piano music versus slow organ music. If rap music truly glorifies God and His Son, Jesus as our Savior, then I’m all for it. Time is too short to cause a rift, the results will speak for themselves. It is the life that is lived after understanding and being converted by the Message that counts.

  4. Anonymous said

    I believe it is wrong. The manner in which rap is presented, and the demeanor promote a carnal mind. I see it as proclaiming Christ or associating Christ with a carnal spirit. It conditions the heart with carnal emphasis not in what the words are, but in the way they are presented (normally haughty, not humble). Music, even with no words can enhance a person’s mood, it can make you sad, feel angry ect. Christ is interested in a humble heart/spirit. Christ said that people would cast out demons in his name, but not for his glory. How can we praise Christ with music that promotes a carnal mind and say that we are doing good works? Would you pray to Christ in the same tone and manner that you present rap?

    Jake Dougherty

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