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How do you think the ‘religious’ vote influenced the election?

Posted by truthtalklive on November 14, 2006

Did Christians give control of the house and senate to the Democrats?


6 Responses to “How do you think the ‘religious’ vote influenced the election?”

  1. hank said

    I am guessing that most americans are religious, so the “religious” vote
    probably influenced the elections by default. I think that you probably meant to ask how do we think the conservative christian vote influenced the elections. But what do I know? I am just passing the time on lunch break by making some entries on Stu’s new blog.

    Been kinda slow, eh, Stu?

  2. republicanatic said

    I think maybe you should listen to the show.

  3. Troy said

    Well we can talk about how Christians influence elections all day long but it means nothing if elected officials aren’t made to do the will of the people after the promises pay off.

    But how much difference does it make really? We find ourselves scratching our heads around election time, every time, wondering what is really getting done by elected officials. I propose that until we (especially Christians) get involved as an active force between elections, nothing will really change. We “hold our noses” and vote and go back to life until the next election. Politicians know this and that it why “issues” only matter to them at campaign time, and I’m referring to “conservative” Republicans more.

    Think about it. My number one issue is the abolishing of legalized, government sanctioned and mandated, baby killing abortion. If that is being ignored by those calling themselves “Christians”, what are they really doing? Here are the facts:

    It was a Republican dominated U.S. Supreme Court that legalized abortion on demand in 1973 by deciding both Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. Republicans authorized the killing of over 45 million unborn babies and there is no other way to spin that. Since then Republican dominated Courts have reaffirmed abortion-on-demand time and time again, to include the current Court. Just a few weeks ago the U.S. Supreme Court, without comment or dissent, rejected a request from Sandra Cano to reconsider the Doe v. Bolton case (She was the woman who was used as the plaintiff in the case) that created a ‘health’ exception for abortions. This case, with Roe v. Wade made abortion-on-demand completely legal in almost any stage of pregnancy! Currently “Republican” picked judges makeup the majority on this Court by a 7-2 margin. This does not constitute the “Party of Life” to me.

    Democrats may say they are pro-abortion but Republican Party members have actually given it to us. Spin it if you want, but that is the fact.

    Here’s another fact to consider:

    · When “Christian” Republican George W. Bush became president in 2001, a staggering 4,000 unborn babies were being aborted daily! See how evil Clinton was (I know, I know, he was. But…)

    · Six years later during which we have had a Republican controlled House, Senate, White House and Supreme Court (basically the entire federal government has been Republican controlled… for six years), there are now a paltry 4,000 unborn babies being aborted daily! See how good our Republican leaders are?

    Nothing has changed Christian! For six years, pro-life Christians have been fed a bunch of rhetoric to support the “lesser of two evils” lie! That is a controlling, deceptive and satanic lie.

    “But what about the “partial-birth abortion ban” that Bush signed? He’s doing something to end abortion, right?” Wrong!!! You think this confirms his Christian stance? That bill has not saved a single unborn child. All it did was legitimize all the other types of abortion. Here are the facts:

    · 99% of all abortions are outside that ban! What a joke.

    · That bill prompts mothers considering abortion to do so earlier in the pregnancy than they may have before, leaving less time for them to consider not doing it.

    If anything, the partial-birth abortion bill has helped speed-up abortions.

    But Christians buy the lie that something has been done by our good “Christian” Republican leaders.

    The only representative who has put his money where his mouth is would be Representative Ron Paul of Texas who introduced H.R. 776, The Sanctity of Life Act of 2005, a bill “to provide that human life shall be deemed to exist from conception,” How many supporters did he have in the House? Five! And total silence from the White House. Why did his bill not get support from the GOP or the president? Because there is no difference in the GOP and the Democrats. When will Christians realize this? God’s people truly do perish due to a lack of knowledge. You may as well call them Republicrats and Demopublicans. It is like belief in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, it was cute when you were young but it’s pathetic as an adult.

    The national GOP has supported numerous pro-choice Republicans running against pro-life Republicans in primary races throughout the country. That happens all the time and is sick.

    · “Christian” President George W. Bush also gave his support recently to the “Plan B” over the counter abortion pill pushing the FDA to approve it. Has he lost his mind or just his morals or does he know exactly what he is doing? That drug will grow the unknown number of unborn baby deaths to new highs.

    · Bush has stated on the record that he thinks the America is not ready for a total abortion ban. He doesn’t speak for me.

    · Bush supported and increased funding for Planned Parenthood.

    · Bush appointed pro-abortion Judge Alito (based on Alito’s votes in 3 of 4 cases.)

    · Bush has appointed pro-choice proponents like Secretary Rice and Attorney General Gonzalez to positions in his administration.

    · Bush supported pro-abortion Specter’s re-election.

    · Bush also publicly opposed the pro-life bill in South Dakota that outlawed all abortions with the sole exception of saving the life of the mother. So Bush has not only done nothing to end abortion, he has actually done much to assist it.

    · Laura has even stated for the record that both she and the President support Roe v. Wade.

    Show me how the “most Christian” Republican President is “pro-life” in light of the facts.

    Show me how the GOP is “pro-life” in light of the facts.

    So, I would say that the “religious” vote is in effect not relevant unless politicians are forced to do the will of the people who elected them and if they refuse, they get replaced. That is a possibility for any elected official.

  4. hank said

    Hello again, republicanatic, and I do listen to the show.

    I only meant to get things started here. This blog has started off slowly.

    If most voters profess to be religious, and the Democrats won in most cases, then the more liberal religious voters must have turned out this time.

    Stu asks some pretty stupid questions. No offence Stu. I understand that you are just trying to stir things up, too.


  5. republicanatic said

    Stu’s questions cut to the chase. You’re welcome to your opinion that they are stupid, but I believe Stu’s questions are important one’s that we should openly discuss. I think this blog will take off once all the listeners check it out.

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