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How should Christians respond to the Ted Haggard Situation?

Posted by truthtalklive on November 8, 2006

Read the article on the Haggard tragedy on CNN.

Should he be allowed to preach again?


4 Responses to “How should Christians respond to the Ted Haggard Situation?”

  1. Ken from Dallas said

    As The body of christ we need to gather around our soldiers that have fallen. We need to quit eating our wounded. We need to help them and lift them up. Helping them to come to repentance and see the error of our ways and be restored. Since we all have sinned. We need to be accountable of course to one another.
    Thank you

  2. ateam said

    Men and women in leadership within the body of christ know if they are struggling with something that has become addictive. It is my prayer that men and women would come to a place where they step down from leadership positions, for a season, in order to get the help needed to overcome whatever that hindrance may be. Sexual sin carries with it alot of shame, which is why confessing it seems so dispicable. But not so! God wants us to be free, and living truthfully, sets us free. Who cares what someone may think of us for getting the help we need. Getting caught always creates a larger sense of distrust. But if we would all willingly humble ourselves, especially if in leadership positions, what a testimony to God’s goodness and faithfulness to heal and restore! The men and women of God that are in leadership, who come clean, without being caught, without feeling trapped, live in TRUE FREEDOM because they want to be right with God no matter what the cost. It will cost to get right, because healing sometimes hurts us and others, like dressing and undressing a wound to be cleansed…but certainly not more than being exposed unwillingly.

  3. republicanatic said

    I think we should pray hard for him and his family, but we still have to hold him accountable. Of course, we should forgive and try to help and lift him up. He is still saved, right?

  4. Stu said

    A question we’ll certainly address on future shows is : What disqualifies one from the ministry?
    Should Haggard be restored to the pulpit? any thoughts?

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