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Should a Christian vote the straight Republican ticket?

Posted by truthtalklive on November 6, 2006


8 Responses to “Should a Christian vote the straight Republican ticket?”

  1. miriam said

    No they should not !! I am a Democrat and I am a Christian too.
    The Repubs use fear to control and they are hateful.

  2. Buzzard said

    Use your brains to Vote Morals and Values.
    Ignore conspiracy myths and acknowledge facts.

  3. U-Neek said

    Voting is always about choosing the lesser of two evils. This one issue trumps anything else….. How can any true Christian support a Party that kills over 4,000 unborn babies every single day? The blood of those innocent babies are on anyone’s hands who vote Democrat!

  4. forHim said

    I echo what u-neek said!

  5. Jannacle said

    If I could find a Democrat that had values that I admired I would vote Democrat as easily as Republican. The Democrats are so far down the wrong path now that I can’t imagine that being possible for a very long time.

  6. hank said

    To suggest that the interests of a political party are the same as god’s interests is suggesting blasphemy. Isn’t it?

    God can take care of his own interests. Let’s just ask the republicans and democrats to take care of our constitution.

  7. republicanatic said

    After 2 years of a Democratic Congress we should have no problem taking back over in 2008.

  8. xapis said

    I’m with u-neek, forhim, and jannacle on this one.

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